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Southern Lizard Canary Club Open show 2016

127 Lizard Canaries were entered at the annual Southern Lizard Canary Club’s open show at Wendover, writes show Secretary John Record. For the eighth time club President Stan took Best in show with a broken cap Gold Cock. A lovely dark bird with wonderful true spangles, Second best in show also came from the Bolton stud, a Non Cap Gold cock. A superb Lizard that was almost equal in quality to the winner. This was a personal triumph for Stan, taking in to account that his whole birdroom was wiped out earlier in the year. This was a remarkable achievement, and perhaps  one that he could of only achieved.

Daniel Richmond benched third best in show with a broken Cap Silver hen; this bird also took third best Champion. Two Novices, Tony Horton from Buckinghamshire and Wayne Elton from Leicestershire were awarded Fourth and Fifth Best in show respectively. The best over year Lizards were Staged by Daniel Richmond (Champion) and Riddle & Page (Novice)

Full results: Best & 2nd Best in show, Best Champion, S Bolton. 3rd Best and 3rd Best Champion and best Champion Over-Year, D Richmond. 4th Best in show and Best Novice, T. Horton. 5th Best in show and 2nd Best Novice, W. Elton. 3rd Best Novice, D Keeley. Best Novice Over Year Riddle & Page.

Judge was J.W Martin (Hailsham) The 2017 show will be on 26th November 2017 at that the same venue, Wendover

Winning exhibitor Stan Bolton with Chairman John Martin

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