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Dialpost 2021
Despite Covid still being with us and with the efforts of Gary McCarthy and Daniel Richmond the SLCC managed to hold our annual show at Dialpost West Sussex. Show report by David Allen

This was a new venue for the Southern but a really nice hall with good light. And good facilities.

I very pleased to see such good quality birds and I knew I was in for a good day when the first class came up. But when I got to the broken cap gold class I knew this hen was going to be up there in the running it had lovely dark straight spangle with really dark legs there was no doubt in the quality of the bird. The bird was from Mike Atkinson a name I had not heard of before but when I looked at my final top 5 he had 3 out of the 5. And the quality of his birds was really good. In fact in the non cap gold hen class there were two birds that were so close myself and my steward Ian Adcock felt they must have come from the same nest.   I would like to thank Ian for stewarding for me on the champion birds. Carlos De Santa Ana was steward for me on the Novice section, as Ian felt has his birds were in the novice section he should not steward.  I would have had no problem with this but I must stay I admired him for that. He did get best Novice and second best novice. His best novice was a broken cap silver cock that show good spangle and good amount of breastwork for a cock with some nice linage down the flanks, but it had really good ground colour. This bird was well worthy of 2nd best lizard. Ian also has a very good team of Lizard out in the novice section with good quality running through all his birds. I did notice that there was one or two birds that were a bit down in ground colour, not sure if they hadn’t taken the colour or the person was a little late starting with the colour food. I must thank everyone who run the show Gary Macarthy the show secretaries and Daniel Richmond show manager, new role for Daniel but he did a great job. Finally, not to forget Daniels wife for the refreshments and bacon rolls  


 WINNERS- Best in show C7-4 Broken cap gold hen –M Atkinson -- best gold

2nd best in show 18-1 – Broken cap silver cock—Ian Adcock—best silver & best Novice

3rd best in show 12-2 –Non cap silver hen—M Atkinson – best Non Cap

4th best in show 11-5—Non cap Gold Hen – M Atkinson

5th best in show 21-1—Broken cap gold Hen ---Ian Adcock

Also best over-year  D Richmond.

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