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Lizard Canaries are shown in different classes according to which category they fall in to. It is not as difficult as it appears. Main rule . An exhibition Lizard is either a "Gold or a silver" This refers to the feather type. When colour feeding a Lizard will either colour up with a dark chestnut colour (Gold) or a warm buff (silver). See examples below.Easy! Next step is to sex your Lizards. Basic rule is that cocks colour up darker that hens, and that hens carry more breast markings that cocks. These breast markings are referred to as "rowings". Of Course the only certain way is that cocks sing and hens don't.Finally, Lizards are also classed for exhibition purposes by the cap. The three basic ones here.
Clear Cap. No dark feather in cap
Broken Cap. More than 10% dark feathering in Cap
Non Cap. No light feathering in cap

           Clear Cap                                     Broken Cap                                      Non Cap

After breeding some half decent Lizards the next thing you will want to do is to show them in competition against fellow exhibitors. A typical show schedule looks something like this:

Class 1 Clear cap Gold Cock
Class 2 Clear cap Silver Cock
Class 3 Broken cap Gold Cock
Class 4 Broken cap Silver Cock
Class 5 Clear cap Gold Hen
Class 6 Clear cap Silver Hen
Class 7 Broken cap Gold Hen
Class 8 Broken cap Silver Hen
Class 9 Non  cap Gold Cock
Class 10 Non cap Silver Cock
Class 11 Non cap Gold Hen
Class 12 Non cap Silver hen
Class 13 Over year Gold
Class 14 Over year Silver

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