PATRONAGE 2019         Club               Best Lizard          Judge           Award

26/10/19                W. Grinstead     D Richmond           J Martin         Rosette

10/11/19                South Coast        G McCarthy            G Mann         Rosette

16/11/19                South Bucks        T. Horton              J Record        Rosette

17/11/19                Scottish              A Maclean             J Coakley       Exchange

24/11/19                SLCC                  D Richmond          J Record        Open

01/12/19                Midland              D Newton              J Goacher      Exchange

07/12/19                East Sussex        D Richmond           J Martin         Club

Patronage awards: (rosettes for)

Club:Best Lizard, Best Champion, 2nd Best Champion & 3rd Best Champion. Best Novice. 2nd Best Novice & 3rd Best Novice,

Best Over year

Rosette & Exchange: Best Lizard, Best Champion, Best Novice

Open SLCC show only: same as club with the addition of Midland & Scottish rosettes

We encourage all clubs to apply for SLCC patronage which is now FREE.

Simply contact the Clubs Secretary